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Maggie Bailey - customer of Southland Finance Oakdale

"I have been a customer at Southland Finance in Oakdale for many years and the workers are always fast and friendly. They put a personal touch to customer service.”

Kimberly Young - customer of Pelican Credit Marksville

"I really appreciate Pelican Credit Marksville. I have been coming here since they opened and they have helped me when others wouldn't. It gives me great pleasure to come to Pelican Credit because they are very helpful"

Jason Vincent - customer of Deep South Finance Abbeville

"When I enter the business or call Deep South I feel like I'm calling family. They are in my mind as the ones that care. Abbeville has lots of loan companies, but there has never been, and never will be, another loan company like Deep South. No one could compare to the compassion they show me, my family, and my friends. Clara, Nathan, and Paulette are a pleasure to visit-- even when times are hard and I'm struggling, I'm not scared or worried to call and ask for time to pay. They treat me with such respect."

Chris Johnson - customer of Pelican Credit Thibodeaux

"I think that Pelican Credit in Thibodeaux has good service. Employees are friendly! I like doing business with them. I would recommend a friend."

Retell Bellard - customer of Southland Finance Opelousas

"I have been dealing with Southland Opelousas for about 15 years. They are friendly and hoenst ladies. When I need assistance, I just walk in and they help me."

Margaret A. Johnson - customer of Southland Finance Oakdale

"Friendly, helpful, and always there when you need money for an emergency. I cannot say enough about Juanita, Lana, Micah, and Susan. Don't go anywhere else when you can come to Southland."

Della Andrews - customer of Deep South Finance Abbeville

"Clara and Paulette are always very nice, sweet, and they always have jokes. And Mr. Nathan always makes me smile."

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