Our Company

Deep South Financial Services, Inc. was started July 25, 1983 by Paul Landry and Roger Boynton and operates as a total financial solution for the smaller borrower. We operate with three separate companies: Deep South Financial Services, Inc. with 10 locations, are traditional consumer finance loan offices, lending $500 to $10,000. Southland Finance Company with 10 locations, makes loans from $50 to $500 for short terms, and Pelican Credit Co., with 3 locations, has both types of loan operations. These offices are located primarily in south Louisiana.

We also provide tax services and loans during the tax season as part of the total financial solution. Mortgages on real estate have become highly regulated and our Deep South Financial Services, Inc. offices are all licensed to make these loans.

The main reason for the existence of our company is that banks do not make smaller loans and keep raising the minimal amount they will lend. Our service is fast, and we try very hard to make a decision on a loan application within an hour, which means you can usually get your money in the same day. We feel that this total approach to loans for our customers helps them to make the purchases they need, when they need and helps them start or restart credit. This helps develop loan customers as they increase their income and needs.

Deep South Financial Services, Inc., Southland Finance Company and Pelican Credit Co. would be happy to help you with your loan needs. We have liberal credit requirements and look forward to being your lender of choice. Apply on this site by clicking the application key at any time, and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Lance David presenting Roger Boynton with

a Plaque for over 30 Years of Operation!