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Our Company

Deep South Financial Services, Inc. was started in South Louisiana on July 25th, 1983 by Paul Landry and Roger Boynton. Our company operates with three separate companies: Deep South Financial, Inc, Southland Finance Company, and Pelican Credit Co.

We believe the main existence of our company is to be a total financial solution for small borrowers. With our fast service we will be able to help you make the purchases you need when you need them.

We look forward to helping you with all of your financial needs! Apply today and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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Lance David and Hunter Boynton presenting Roger Boynton with a Plaque for over 40 YEARS of Operation!

On September 27th, 2023 we celebrated Ms. Carla Quirk's retirement after 30 years with us! She will be missed !

Corporate Management

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Roger E. Boynton, our president, practiced law since 1973 and was counsel for the 1st National Bank of Abbeville for 13 years until it was sold. He is actively involved in management decisions, but is primarily responsible for advertising, legal and regulatory areas, and credit lines and debentures. Roger is also a past president of the Louisiana Finance Association. Roger can be reached at

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Exec.Vice President/COO

Lance David, our Exec. Vice President/ COO is in charge of all operations of Deep South Financial Services, Inc. and has over 32 years experience. Lance has been with us since 1990 and was promoted to COO in 2006. Lance can be reached at

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Vice President

Tonya Guidry is a supervisor for Deep South Finance and Southland Finance. She has worked for the company for over 21 years and worked her way up from manager with great success and was promoted to supervisor in 2023. She is now in charge of 9 offices. Tonya can be reached at

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Vice President

Ryan Pere is a Vice President for Deep South Financial Services and has over 24 years experience. He joined Deep South Financial Services, Inc. as a collector, managed CRA our collection branch, and Deep South Financial Services, Inc. Abbeville. He was promoted to supervisor in 2006 and is in charge of 11 offices. Ryan can be reached at

Chief Financial Officer

Hunter Boynton is the Chief Financial Officer and oversees all financial decisions for all Deep South companies. He also serves as our managing officer. He has over 14 years experience. After graduating at LSU he worked his way up in the branches and joined the company full time in 2007. Hunter can be reached 


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