Corporate Management

Our team has the financial experience to serve you. In Southland the team has an average of 9 years and the managers have over 12 years of experience. Deep South has over 18 years for the entire team and over 24 years of experience for the managers. To say we are "Seasoned to serve you” would be an understatement. Because of this experience and our approach to lending, we try to find ways to make a loan to you. We want to say YES to your loan and will strive to find a way to help you.

Roger E. Boynton

Roger E. Boynton, our president, practiced law since 1973 and was counsel for the 1st National Bank of Abbeville for 13 years until it was sold. He is actively involved in management decisions, but is primarily responsible for advertising, legal and regulatory areas, and credit lines and debentures. Roger is also a past president of the Louisiana Finance Association.


Lance David our Vice President/ CEO is in charge of all operations of Deep South Financial Services, Inc. offices and has 28 years experience. He was trained by Paul Landry and works directly with Roger on major decisions. He has experience in all phases of the business and has also managed two different offices with great results.

Lance David


Carla Quirk is the supervisor for 6 Offices of Southland Finance Company and Pelican Credit Co. She has worked for the company for 22 years, first as a manager of a Southland Finance Company in Opelousas with great success and since 2003 as a supervisor  and is in charge of 11 offices.

Carla Quirk


Ryan Pere has 19 years experience in the finance industry. He joined Deep South Financial Services, Inc. as a collector, managed CRA our collection branch, and Deep South Financial Services, Inc. Abbeville. He was promoted to supervisor in 2006 and is in charge of 12 offices.


Ryan Pere